5 Questions to Ask When You Hire an Auto Shipping Company

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When it comes to shipping your car from one place to another, booking with a car transport company can make it easier and safer. It is because they are well trained in this field, and they are professionals who know how to handle vehicles during transportation and do it with utmost care. 

There are so many vehicle transportation companies, and it leaves you with a handful of choices to choose from. Choosing the reliable one can be a tedious task. Knowing the basic questions that you need to ask them before hiring will help you in choosing the best one. 

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Here are 5 questions that you can ask them to make sure they are worth choosing.

  1. Are They A Registered Company?

This is the most important question you need to ask them before booking them for moving your vehicle. Any transporting companies that provide the services across the state have to be registered with the Department of Transport. You can ask them for the DOT number to make sure that they are a registered company.

  1. What Are Their Services?

Different shipping companies provide different kinds of services. You need to know whether the company you choose is providing the services that you need. Ask them whether they provide enclosed trailer shipping or open-air shipping. 

Some provide services within the state while some other companies provide state-to-state and even international shipping also. 

Some companies have restrictions on vehicles they accept for shipping. If you need to transport an SUV, car, or van, you can find one shipping company easily. However, if your vehicle is of high-class or heavily altered or totaled after an accident, then you need one who will do it for you with extra care. They need special equipment to make the transport safely.

  1. How Much Will The Cost Be?

Shipping rates differ for companies. Most of the companies will give you an estimation for free if you give them the details of your vehicle as well as the destination point. To avoid getting surprising extra charges, make sure how they calculate the cost. Ask them if there is a possibility for negotiation or discounts if you have more than one vehicle to be shipped. 

  1. What Documents Will They Need?

You will have to provide some documents like registration and insurance to ensure that you have legal rights to your vehicle. Make needed clarification about the documents you need to provide so that you don’t face any unwanted problems at the destination.

  1. What Insurance Do They Provide?

While shipping across the country, your motor insurance won’t cover any damage. However, any reputed and trustworthy companies will be fully insured. Get to know what kind of coverage you will be getting. You can also ask them to increase the cover if you don’t think it is enough.